The SeneGence Anti-Ageing skincare and Anti-Ageing makeup Story -

The Senegence Story.......

Joni Rogers-Kante, CEO and Founder of SeneGence had a vision of a company with the best skin care products, that really work and a career that really works, long before discovering its premier product.  Once she discovered a long-lasting liquid lip colour unlike anything she had seen before, she knew it needed to be shared with the world.

In 1999 Senegence exploded into the marketplace with the launch of patented LipSense colour technology, and SeneGence quickly rose in popularity as the creator of the original long-lasting lip colour and lip glosses.

This was only the beginning of an entire line of long-lasting cosmetics and revolutionary anti-ageing skincare products.  Over the years, SeneGence has grown to support hundreds of thousands of successful careers and to satisfy customers around the world by remaining steadfast in its commitment to use only the most advanced technologies in Anti-Ageing Skincare and Anti-Ageing makeup to make skin more beautiful.

Joni says 'I stand behind our products 100% and guarantee your skin will look more beautiful in 30 days, when using our 24 hour Anti-Ageing skincare and long-lasting Anti-Ageing makeup and colour systems'

You will never regret your decision to buy,  try and use our fantastic Anti-Ageing skincare, Anti-Ageing makeup, LipSense LipColours and lip glosses, ShadowSense Eyeshadow products.